Asen Milchev 

Surart64 is an art studio established by Asen Milchev - artist and art designer. Asen Milchev gets his inspiration from the real everyday life, society's problems and shortcomings, reflecting on his colorful and gorgeous works. His paintings are original and fresh, touching the most personal and sensitive strings of the human soul, which are strongly influenced by the inequality of modern society.

Art by Asen Milchev

Asen Milchev basically gets inspiration from the real world, society's problems and is reflected in his colorful and playful images. He demonstrates his remarkable skill showing the depth of allegories, he manages in a special way to identify the human individual with surreal images in his art, transformed into a life of metaphors from our own world. With his expressive symbolism, he challenges and encourages audiences to discover the hidden message in their images and inspire them to reflect deeper into their own life's mission and to think about the priorities of their own values.